Covid- 19

To all of our valued Customers:


America is in the middle of the most critical economic and health related crisis that our country has faced in recent history.  The Corona Virus pandemic has caused cities and states into lock down, business closures, and millions to lose their jobs.  Virginia, as of this writing, has 304 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 9 confirmed deaths.  These numbers rank us at #24 on the list of most infected states as of this date and based on limited test results.


As responsible Virginians and Americans, I urge you to be vigilant and practice the guidelines set forth by our state, local and federal governments.  Remember; this is not just about you becoming ill but also about transmission of this highly contagious virus to others.  Transmission can occur even if you have little or no symptoms.  For specific details on what you, as an individual, can do to help battle this epidemic, visit your state and federal websites or just turn on the TV for 5 minutes.


That said, MADSPA will be implementing the following proactive measures until further notice:


  1. Scheduling:  

    1. MADSPA urges ALL customers to call their orders in ahead of time whenever possible and allow at least one hour for pick up.  Call Ahead orders will take priority and Walk-in Customers may experience delays at the counter.

    2. Please use our website at to see most of our products and to assist you in determining exactly what you need.  If you don’t find what you need on the website, please call us with questions and we will assist in any way we can.

    3. We will also provide Car-Side Pickup and payment for Call Ahead orders when possible as a convenience to our Customers.  Just give us a call when you are in the parking lot and we will bring your order to your car, load it, and accept payment without the need for you to come into the store.

  2. Suspension of local delivery services –  Effective the week of 3/30/20, MADSPA will suspend all local delivery services until further notice.  We recognize and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of you however, we believe this to be a necessary and responsible measure.  Pick up at the MADSPA warehouse and UPS delivery services will continue to be available for our Customers.

  3. Social Distancing / Limiting of walk-in Customers – MADSPA will limit the number of walk-in Customers to 3 individuals in the front counter area at any given time (please plan your visit accordingly).  Customers are asked to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between each other and MADSPA staff. 

  4. Restricted Areas - Customers will be asked to stay within the front counter area and will not be allowed into the warehouse or office areas except as requested or permitted by MADSPA staff.  Browsing within the store will be suspended until further notice.​

  5. Minimize physical contact:

    1. Customers will be asked to avoid touching counters and sample books whenever possible.  MADSPA employees will assist in helping to match fabrics as needed and will disinfect counters and sample books regularly.

    2. Handshaking or any type of physical contact is not permitted.


We recognize that these new proactive measures may be inconvenient to some and we ask for your patience and understanding during this critical time.  MADSPA’s top priority is the safety, health and well being of our Customers and employees and to maintain a safe work environment for both.  We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation through several reliable sources and make necessary adjustments to our processes and business practices as necessary.  Please feel free to contact us via email at or phone at 757.966.2149 with your orders or if you have any questions.


Stay safe and please stay home if you are feeling ill.


Best Regards,